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Collaborations with


I have worked with these directors and production designers.
(Attached in some cases in parentheses the commercials in which I have participated.
Click on the link to view them).


Wayne Isham   John Glen   Doug Nicol
Jean Achache  

Frederic Planchon

  Hype Williams
Ariane Besson   Jeff Lovinger   Ricardo de Carvalho
(Jacques Vabre)

Mike Maguire
(Cactus Kid, Quebradita)

  Thierry Poiraud   Greg Fay
Garth Davis
(Coke burn)

The Glue Society


Javier Blanco

 Andrés F. Cortés  

 Hari Sama


 Fernando Reyes

 Jorge Senyal  

 Isabelle Tardán


 Freddy Garza

 Jorge Ruz  





Alan Roderick Jones   Jan Houllevigue         
(Nissan Rogue)

Happy Maese


William Abelló

Alexis Ross
(Cactus Kid, Quebradita)
  Damon Fortier
(Sierra Mist)
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